Bionnex - Skincare


Spreading 26 countries from every continents for 4 years since 2010, BIONNEX, is an international brand , offering effective and natural solutions provided by plants for all types of cosmetic issues, without making concessions on scientific realities.
Obtaining formidable results provided by science from profound world of plants thanks to R & D studies conducted by getting to the details of the problems regarding self-care in derma-cosmetic industry and presenting such results successfully for years, BIONNEX  is a brand, appreciated by consumers in a very short time thanks to the natural solutions produced by sub-brands.  
Aiming to provide fine art for its consumers, the trademark has been a trusted brand, combining rich herbal sources of Anatolia with the safety of science in the derma-cosmetic products offered to customers, since it was established.
Foreign investments were increased as the products gained trust in a very short time by the consumers, and BIONNEX, which accomplished to spread world-wide and maintained such success steadily thanks to export moves carried out, continues to give support for science world at the same time by taking part in many social projects.

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