Gli Elementi - Skincare

Gli elementi is unique thanks to the following:
1.100% made in Italy: gli elementi is a skin care line designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, according to one of the best quality recognized in the world, both in pure creativity level and finished product excellence. 
2.The original philosophy: a deep listening of the body that leads to the life equilibrium. 
3.The message: the myth of the return to origins, to a better quality of life. 
4.Geothermal waters: a unique cosmetics line that uses two different geothermal waters (sulphurous and salsobromoiodic) coming from the same italian geographic area. 
5.Vegetable active ingredients: constantly selected from phyto-extracts, essential oils and bio-tech pure complex. 
6.Sensoriality as an absolute design component: soft and absolutely ultra-penetrating textures that give the skin an instant comfort, generously wrapping it in a magnificent “cuddle” with a high degree of pleasantness.
7.The transversal nature of the line: “gli elementi” typical consumer is a new profile rapidly growing during these days: a cultured woman who re-discovers, into the daily cosmetics, a way to communicate with her body and with her well-being, surrounding herself of healthy and accessible attentions. 
8.The “talking” packaging: the primary and secondary packaging of the entire line establishes a “confidential relationship” with the woman, speaking directly to her and accompanying her with positive messages and confidence to look at herself with new eyes. 
9.A fine and gentle communication: a tone almost “whispered” that, like an inner voice, offers tips and suggestions for a clean and healthy beauty. 
10. The continue research: over the years, “gli elementi”, with competence and passion, has expressed itself with specific professionalism on each product, which is periodically re- formulated, updated and improved to keep pace with the evolving research and the always more demanding international markets.


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